The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is an Audio Drama piece that I created for my Audio Production class. Please give it a listen on my Soundcloud!

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Pet Project: Chevy

The 3rd video in my Pet Project Series. This is Chevy! I’ve actually had the pleasure of living with Chevy as she (and still is) my family’s foster dog. Chevy is a laid back Dog as she’s around 8 years old and is a Momma to past foster dogs. All her puppies have been adopted and Chevy is still looking for a home! Check out the video to get to know her!

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Pet Project: Izzy

The 2nd video of my “Pet Project” Series. This is Izzy. Izzy is around 8 months old and is full of energy and excitement. She loves to run around outside, and play tug of war. She’ll take a while to warm up to new people, but once she does, she’s super friendly. Please check out Episode 2 and get to know Izzy!

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Pet Project: Bec

The first of a series of short videos I’m planning on doing for the Parkland Humane Society. My first video is on Bec, a playful and friendly collie cross. Bec is currently living with his foster parents in Dauphin. Please check out this short video of Bec to see what he’s like!

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Music Man

Music Man”¬†is a short, profile documentary about the owner of Fader’s Music and Recording shop located in Brandon Manitoba. Filmed on location with the help of colleagues, we set out to tell the story of a man with a passion. Special Thanks to Chris for working with us and letting us tell his story. Check it out below!

Music Man

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