My name is Tanner Bennet, and I am an aspiring filmmaker and content creator. I have recently completed my 2nd and final year of the IMA Program at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. I am currently on practicum at Tripwire Media Group, located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Over my past 2 years of college, I have worked on several projects as well as had a ton of professional experience in the industry. I really enjoy audio and video editing, as well as recording music and filming scripted content. My goal one day would be to work on a television or film set of any size. Ever since I was young, I have wanted to create and tell stories. I can’t wait to see what my future holds!

Outside of school and making videos, I enjoy playing my guitar, reading comics, and watching the newest blockbusters. I’m a certified dog lover and wannabe golf pro. If there’s one quote that really resonates with me, it’s, “I guess one person can make a difference”, said by Stan Lee in Spider-man 3.