Cinematography Demo Reel

Here is my Cinematography demo reel. All footage in this reel was shot and or directed by myself. This reel contains some of my best work from my last 2 years studying film and video production. Please check it out!

Cinematography Demo Reel


NAB Show 2019

This year, my IMA Tech class had the wonderful opportunity to attend the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show for 2019 in Las Vegas. We spent 4 days attending the show where we learned about new equipment, gear, software, and accesories in the media industry. We also spent time at panels where we learned new techniques, ideas, and workflows from real professionals. Continue reading “NAB Show 2019”

Concert Recordings

Live from the Watson Art Centre in Dauphin Manitoba;

The Local Rebellion was a tribute to Canadian music featuring 3 local bands. I had the chance to sit in with Rene Roncin of Roncin Sound to help record songs and set up gear. After the concert, I planned to mix a few of the songs for my Audio Production class. Continue reading “Concert Recordings”

CTV and CBC Tour

On Friday, my IMA class had the opportunity to visit CTV and CBC in Winnipeg Manitoba. We got to check out behind the scenes of how shows are produced and were introduced to some of the people who make it run. It was certainly cool to see the set pieces where everything is filmed and to see all the work that goes on behind the cameras. Continue reading “CTV and CBC Tour”


Recently, my media classmates and I finished broadcasting our last show of “Newsline” of the year. Newsline, is a college camps news broadcast that we’ve been producing since November of 2018. Each week the technical crew and I are assigned different tasks such as Audio balancing, camera operation, prompter, font, playback, and directing.

Here is one of the shows that I directed as well as switched.

Newsline January 17th

“Tin Foil Hat” Podcast

The “Tin Foil Hat” podcast returns! This time, I’m hosting and Dan is my guest, when we discuss the possibility of unidentified creatures, such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. This was an Independent study for my Audio Production class. A visual version of this podcast will be uploaded on my YouTube in a few weeks, so be sure to check that out as well.

Listen Here